Friday, October 14, 2005

Ten Card Tarot Reading

Your Ten Card Reading

You may be hoping that a lover will call soon. You are not enjoying having to play a waiting game. In time you will understand why you had to wait such a long time. Indecision drives you crazy, because you do not know which way to go to move forward. Lucky number is 12.

Your motivation is to communicate more with friends and family. Their opinion matters, especially when an interesting romance offer may lure you to consider a move to a distant location. Excited by thoughts about the possibility of an intimate union, you want to look better.

You will be confused about a lover, and will not be able to figure out their responses. You are disappointed in a relationship you thought would become closer, but did not. Take time to read between the lines. They may be saying, slow down. Your impulse may be to rush it in anticipation of happy future plans. This could be an unwise course of action. If you listen to the warning signals you may later experience a upturn in communication. The romance needs a more lighthearted approach.

A relationship may feel empty and cold and decide to take a hard look at it. You may need to communicate more clearly what you want and you will find out that this will turn it around. It is going to be difficult, but worth the effort. This will lead to a healthy dependency on your partner as the source of your personal support. The happiness you experience will overshadow the hard work and discomfort you feel while in the process.

Legal matters, contracts and your work may require some research of records, making many phone calls. Matters at a distance may require your response. There are amazing developments coming together and surprising events are created in the Cosmos. Results of your work are emerging.

Keep your ears open for important news about a job opening you may have already been eyeing at your present workplace. Figure out how to draw positive attention to your work without too much fanfare. Contact friends who would know how to let the word out that you are looking to make a change. Do it in a subtle way.

The most balanced person can wonder sometimes what hits them to throw them so off balance. Thus, it will be wise to figure out whether to ride it or back off. Here is an opportunity to tap into your natural talent for creative problem solving.

This is a tricky time. Even though luck is on your side, there are no guarantees that you can make use of information you have gathered. Timing and luck seems to be in a hit or miss cycle. Surprising events are now the norm. It would be a good idea to pay attention to your dreams and follow your intuition. Then try to make as few final decisions as possible. Caution may have to be applied in almost any situation you encounter for awhile.

Perhaps you have slowly over time allowed negative thoughts to affect your attitude. Each time you bury something that should be expressed, another negative thought is added to it; making it more difficult for you to maintain a carefree happy attitude. Have faith that you have the courage and support needed to make necessary changes that will put you in a more positive frame of mind again.

A fascinating new person could be introduced to you by a friend resulting in a romantic situation. Your choice to pursue the attraction depends on your feelings at the time. Either way, it is certainly an enjoyable possibility to consider. You may detect a touch of insincerity in their demeanor in the beginning. This is only a bit of shyness. When you tell them honestly how you perceive their behavior, they will not argue, because you are hitting the nail on the head.


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