Wednesday, October 26, 2005

We Find Love in One Another

There were some great comments to my previous entry, and I wanted to add a bit more, as your great thoughts prompted me to think!

I agree, that for Christians salvation lies only through Christ. I also believe that we can find the love of Christ in one another and our actions. Ultimately, I know that I must accept Christ to attain heavenly rewards, but I cannot deny that God works through other people for our benifit. In the same way, I must trust to their love and sincerity as I trust to God's. Will they fail? Sure, they are human, but so am I! That does not give me an excuse to not place my faith in them to love me and treat me sincerely, even if I'm selfish.

In the end, once I'm dead, God will deal with me according to my actions and His mercy, but while I'm on earth, I have to love my neighbor as I love myself, and they hopefully will do the same, regardless of my failings. That was the message I hoped to convey in this piece.

Maryanne, you didn't go off on me at all - this journal is for people of all faiths, not just Christians. The reflections I write, I try to make applicable for all people of any faith, and even for those that do not believe in God. That's one of the reasons I focused on our relationships with other people in this entry as compared to our own selfishness.

I do not believe in judging others, but I do believe in loving others and their loving me, and that is the basis for the accountability I am referring to in this post - not judgement, but love. We can deal with any selfish person in a loving and kind way and we will do them right, and not be judging them. I also agree that God is in charge and that he wants us to use our gifts to help one another to the best of our ability. I see nothing wrong with living in comfort, but living in excess while others suffer is a social injustice. A simple life is a good one.

I hope that clears up that entry a bit for my readers. You guys are AWESOME! Thanks for commentingt!