Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Update and Dew

After a few days of prayer, reflection, and writing it is good to be back even if for a few minutes. I have written a testimonial to my grandmother. In the next few days I will expand upon that letter and send copies to my mother, father, brother, and Nana. In that letter I will clarify the events of last New Year's Day, my resulting illness, and the reasons for my continued silence. What they do with those letters, my words, and our relationship will be their choice. Thank you for your prayers. Just a little longer, friends, and I think I will be out of the woods.



In the morning,
when silence is the
sparkle of a dew soaked lawn;

Weary eyes look
upon the troubled skies
and find hope in wet tears only.

Not much; but maybe enough.

Quiet mornings are the
prelude to all grand things;
they do not reveal their outcome
to those who so much wish to know.

We wait, like the dew,
to be burned away in scorching sun,
or joined by the sweet moisture of other
happy, falling drops.