Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Mortals are a Mere Breath

Today's reflection is from Psalm 62: 10-13

Mortals are a mere breath,
the powerful but an illusion;
On a balance they rise;
together they are lighter than air.
Do not trust in extortion;
in plunder put no empty hope.
Though wealth increase,
do not set your heart upon it.
One thiing God has said;
two thiings I have heard:
Power belongs to God;
so too, Lord, does kindness,
And you render to each of us
according to our deeds.

In my simple life of middle class homogeneity, I yearn for wealth and peace. They are no panacea, they provide no substantial relief. My heart beats black in hope of transforming my selfish wants into true rewards.

My faith does not matter, here, in this way. What I sow is what I shall reap. The people in my life will hold me accountable for my misdeeds, as they should, for injustice and wrong are only tolerated so long. The human spirit is made of love and peace, and censure can be so accomplished. According to my deeds, by way of love and sincerity, I will answer for my selfish wants.

Salvation is to let go of myself and rely on the love and goodwill of those around me, for their love is the only salve that heals every wound. In so doing, I will be held accountable for allowing myself to be loved, and that reckoning is one I welcome.