Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Vivi Award Madness

Well, as some of you have pointed out, Courage is a nominee in the Vivi Awards under the category 'most inspirational.'

And, as you all know me, I have a few inspiring comments on this journal's nomination.

When I first started this journal, I hoped to find community. I didn't begin it as a purely inspirational journal (and indeed many of its entries are a bit silly - see What Kind of Panties Are You? if you need proof), but it has morphed to include daily (mostly) reflections and the Friday Five.

Those reflections are a direct result of the people that come here. I do not provide inspiration with what I write. For true inspiration, scroll through the comments on this site and visit those journals. I have not once done that and found a person or a journal who did not inspire me. Inspiration isn't some thing that one person can create more than another, it is the result of a group of people searching for something together, and in our case, I think we're searching for real community, good people, and a place where being nice and genuine isn't mocked.

And I think that is true inspiration. That being said, even if this little bit of blogosphere does not win, I am inspired every day because of what you bring to my life. So, thank you.

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